Matt was inspired to start making electronic music by the cult industrial act Circle of Dust. Starting out using Modplug tracker, his first official release was an industrial album under the moniker Rathoof, on A2G records. Frustrated by the lack of flexibility and synthesis with modplug, he started using Jeskola Buzz. Matt is currently working on a new album, which will hopefully done late 2009
Using a computer to generate, transform and arrange electronic signals Science Fiction has created complex waveforms with properties perhaps previously unknown to man but actually probably not. Science Fiction consists of founding member and highly intelligent computer program Calculus Maximus and ex-CIA crazy scientist Dr Treibstofftrinker. Some may have suggested that Science Fiction has at least in the past been influenced by alien mind control rays, but that's just plain silly.
Silensay, formerly known as Silencer299, started making music in 2006 using FL Studio and no formal education in music. Lacking musical background, Silensay based his music on experimentation with composition. Currently makes music as a hobby.